History of Club

The History of Shiven Rovers FC


Shiven Rover AFC was officially formed and named in the Spring of 1972. “Shiven Rovers” was deemed to be a very appropriate and obvious name for the club given that the local Shiven River straddles the parishes of Mountbellew and Newbridge and it was within these environs the majority of enthusiastic club players originated.

1974 the club joined the Galway District League and this began the great football odyssey which has become an integral part of the lives of our community at all age levels

In 1976 Shiven Rovers joined the Roscommon & District League.

In 1985 a new committee under the management of Sean Gavin Chairman and Noel O’Brien Secretary was formed. These two officers still remain active members of the Club.

1993 a sub-group were given the responsibility of exploring the possibilities of the club establishing their own grounds. This was driven by the clubs need to meet the growing demand for its facilities and to meet the demands placed on it at underage level.
1996 the Club made a momentous and brave decision, given the financial climate at the time, to purchase their own grounds at Killyan, Newbridge. The new ground was an undeveloped four acre site but the potential of the site was seen early by the committee as a means to achieve their overall vision. Its central location was ideally suited and was served by a good road network.

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